Not to ever have ice cream is unthinkable,

but not to have half-gallon containers in the freezer is doable.

Try this tip from fellow ice cream junkie and romance writer Shirley Wilder: I decided I could handle my addiction better if I just didn’t buy big containers of ice cream.  For the last few months I have eaten ice cream only when it’s offered at an event or function. I only have a small serving or occasionally  treat myself to a cone at Rite Aid Drugs.  It works out so much better, and I really don’t crave it like I used to.  

Do you have a strategy or tip to manage your healthy lifestyle? Share it with us!


Be inspired by TWILA RHODES

December 13, 2011

 “Make a lifestyle change

and it will change your life.”

Age:  27

Height:  5’2”

Weight Before:  162

Weight After:  125

Profession:  Christian Education Director

A brief summary of your lifelong weight issues:  I started gaining weight in second grade. By eighth grade, I weighed about 145 pounds. A thyroid condition that caused throat pain resulted in a 25 pound loss in two months. During my senior year of high school, I weighed 105 pounds and was a size 2. Once college started, so did my weight gain. Every year I added 5 to 10 pounds, until I topped out at 162 pounds when I was 26. Nothing seemed to work. IN fact, dieting and working out seemed to make it worse.

How did you finally lose the weight?  The first thing I did was go to my closet and throw out all my clothes that no longer fit. I gave up thinking I was destined to be overweight. I started walking and cutting back my carb intake. Carbs were my weak point. I could do soda and sugars but pasta, bread and cheese did me in.

What triggered your decision to get serious about losing weight?  My vet said my dog needed to lose weight. He suggested I cut down his portions and increase his activity. I decided to start walking him every day to get his weight down. Our walks got longer ,and he started trimming down. I jumped on the scale one day and realized I had lost 3 pounds, the first positive weight loss I’d seen in eight years. That’s when I cut back on my portions all together and really watched what carbs I was taking in.

What was the most difficult lifestyle change you had to make? Not eating bread and pasta. Also, once the weight came, off not getting lazy again.

What has been the best payoff since losing weight?  Confidence in myself and my body. I feel good and it shows.

What keeps you motivated?  I look at old pictures of myself . I don’t want to be that person ever again.

How have other people responded to your physical and behavioral changes? I have been told I’m beautiful again. Men respond to me differently; I get double-takes when I walk into to a place. Other people have said they are now trying to lose weight.

What advice do you have for people struggling to lose weight?  Find out what your trigger foods are. Everyone is different. For years, people told me to stop drinking soda and eating candy and I would see the weight drop. When I did, I ended up putting on 5 pounds. Once I recognized those were not my trigger foods, I finally realized it was carbs. Cutting back on pasta, bread and so forth, plus walking, made all the difference.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share? Diets don’t work!!!!!!! You need to change your eating habits and your physical activity.